Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I joined the world of TWITTER about a month ago and was followed by a Christian Articles Resource from Shane Trusty (@ChristianArtcls)...Visited and found some amazing poetry...Here's one that called to me: 

(I recommend playing "IN GODS HANDS" by NATALIE GRANT-in my Playlist while reading this.)

Faith in God

As I found myself doubting yesterday,
wondering what would become of me.
You came to rescue me in my crisis,
for you did hear my cries and pleas.

You never have forsaken me dear Lord,
as each day my daily bread you did give.
While teaching me silently to wait on you,
you were also showing me how to live.

For our lives are never ours alone,
since they all really belong to you.
So we should fully trust, never wavering,
always having faith in what you do.

And though sometimes I become so weak.
often wondering where my faith does dwell.
I will always stand firm on your Holy Word,
that true faith in you will never fail.

By Wendell A. Brown

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