Sunday, August 14, 2011

August Color Throwdown...

Hey everyone! I thought I'd pop on for a minute to post my new color challenge. This August color combo is delicious huh?  What inspired this color combination? Well, new color trends and some yummy fabric I picked up when at Joanne's last week. You can see a picture of it in my previous post HERE.  I'm working on making a new purse with it and I just LOVE the colors!

Here are a few paper suggestions that will work for this challenge: 

The Hemingway Paper Collecdtion (minus the greens and blues)
Yellow Smoothies:  Grapefruit, Lemon or Pineapple Bliss
Black Smoothies:  Blackberry Swirl, Flintstone
Taupe Smoothies:  Almond Cream or Kraft -but actually a bit grayer if you can find it
Cream:  Aspen Cardstock, Ivory Ultrasmooth Cardstock, Natural Cardstock Assortment

I think I need to implement a new "rule" in my challenge...or I'm really going to go broke!  Since I buy EVERY stamp set I give away, I need to make sure that it is really worth my while.  So...From now on, I will be giving away a free stamp set IF and WHEN there are AT LEAST 10 participants in my challenge.  I really love to see all the creative ways my colors inspire people so instituting this little "rule" will help ME and it's no impact on those who already play along.  SOOOO...PLEASE encourage your stamping friends to participate!  I would REALLY appreciate it.

Now on to the winner of Challenge #6: 

There were six participants so I plugged those numbers into my random number generator on my sidebar and this is what popped up:
So that means KAREN is the lucky winner.  Please email me Karen to get more information about your free stamp choices! 


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  1. Interesting colors! I'll sure try to come up with something - sounds like fun!!!


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