Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Seminar was AWESOME!  What an adventure to get there though!  My luggage was overweight from the start, I missed my flight (the airline's fault), I missed two standby flights, I slept overnight in O'hare airport, my luggage was lost, my trades were in my lost luggage, the document camera pooped out just before all the classes, I hastily worked on "the fix", roomed with my awesome Stampin' Mamma Chelsea, Met some AMAZING Angels, stamped,stamped, stamped, made some videos, shopped, had some delicious eggs and bacon from a little aspiring chef and....

breathed in the fresh air of....HOME... Someday...I'll be HOME for good...

Here are some of my favorite pictures (didn't take many): 
Of course, I HAD to start off with the delicious dessert! (lighting wasn't the greatest)
This was DEELISH!  The sauce was so flavorful!

Even the QUEEN showed up!  ") (ugghhh...the lighting)

AMAZING VISIT TO THE COVER SHOOT LOCATION to take some shots for myself:  
That's the spot on the cover!
That's Angela Kelley our COVER ARTIST on location!

Here are some other shots that I LOVE LOVE LOVE...what a great place to take photos of old farm implements! 
I hope everyone had as much fun as I had and for those who didn't have an opportunity to come this year, start saving your pennies for next year....It's such a special, special time!!! 

For all Angels who left their email and address information after my class session, I'll be sending you the PDF documents and the updated class measurements soon.  Watch your inbox. 
To all Angels who so generously swapped with me when my luggage and swaps were lost in Chicago, I thank you very much.  If you didn't get something from me after it was found on Friday, I'll be sending you something very soon.


  1. I had a great time too!! Miss you tons! I'm going to have to post our pic from the banquet!! I want a giraffe!! :)

  2. Kerry, so glad you got home safe after all the crazy travel stuff to start with! Had such a great time getting to know you, IRL!!You are just Awesome!! I would love to have a copy of any photos that you have of this magical weekend!
    Hugs, Angi

  3. wonderful photos! How cool that you got to visit the site where the cover was shot!! So glad to have met you in person - seminar was a blast!!


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